Welcome to Suurpea!

The village of Suurpea, located on the northern coast of Estonia, has all the prerequisites for becoming a tourist magnet.

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Kadrin Kaasik and the Haljastus Sons

“Kadrin Kaasik and the Haljastus Sons” (Kadrin Kaasik ja Pojad Haljastus OÜ) is a small family business located in the Uustalu farm in Suurpea, founded in spring 2008 by a landscape gardener designer Kadrin Kaasik. Currently, this company specifically specializes in design and construction of personal housing plots, and also offers additional services, which can be found on their website page: www.aiakujundus.planet.ee.

Uustalu Farm is a species park (mainly with different types of trees and shrubs), which was created by the Kaasike family in the past 20 years and It occupies the area of almost 2.5 hectares. Different types of Thuja, Maple, Abies, Pine and Spruce are presented - therefore the hostess of the garden prefers various forms of conifers to perennial flowers.

Karl Kaasik, the owner of the company manufactures finished products made from wood, thanks to the availability of a mobile sawmill, it is now possible to collect the wood from your own forest, which will be used for both- small buildings and other garden constructions.

If you visit “KADRINI AIAD” Facebook page, you will find many photos of different gardens as well as the photos of Kaasiku's home garden in all these years.

Healing herbs

When you visit Suurpea, be sure that you will find in abundance a huge variety of healing herbs in meadows and glades, far away from the roads. You can collect medicinal and tasty teas with restorative effect, as well as assembling brooms.

Harmony with nature

In Suurpea you can spend time alone with yourself, just imagine complete harmony with nature, walking along forest paths, among tall pines. Pure sea air has lots of healthy features that are so sorely lacking for a person living in a metropolis.

Collection of berries and mushrooms

There are lots of mushrooms and berries in the forests of Suurpea. Generous, fairy-tail place!

Suurpea is a coastal village in Kuusalu Parish in Harju County in northern Estonia. The village is located in Lahemaa National Park.

In Soviet Union times, only Suurpea village was located here. That’s when in accordance with a joint decision of the ESSR Council of Ministers and the Navy of the USSR, land was allocated here for the military unit, with the research center for the ship’s protection, and ships from mine-torpedo weapons. Since 1953, Suurpea is having a whole new life.

According to the words of Suurpea’s patriarch Tiina Perminova, in Soviet times, population of Surpea village was more than 700 people. Now, 160 people are living here.

Former military unit

Suurpea nature

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“Within five years, with help of the local self-government of the Kuusalu parish, children sandbox and a climbing frame were built near the residential houses of Suurpea, for older children, now there is a volleyball court and a dance floor.”

“I remember how I came here in the 1960s, to Suurpea from Tver,”- said Zoya Vasilyevna Lysenko, a former Suurpea school teacher. – First impression, this village gave me had been very good, it was impossible not to fall in love with it. Here is the place where your soul can rest.”

Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park was established in 1971 as the first wild life refuge area in the Soviet Union with the aim of protecting the distinctive landscapes of Northern Estonia, the cultural heritage of the nation, to preserve a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Originally, the size of the national park was about 440 km². Later its territory was expanded to the south and now it covers an area of 725 km², of which: 474 km² is a land and 251 km² is the sea.


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Welcome to Suurpea!

Come to Suurpea and plunge into the purity of nature,
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