EV100 in every village

August 6, this year, Suurpea’s village celebrated their 380th anniversary of its first mention. The holiday day began at Kärka- tourist farm in Loksa city, where musicians from Ireland and the Netherlands together with accordionist Kert Kryusban from “Lahemaa Rahwamuusik” ensemble performed on the 10th day of Lahemaa Bagpipes.

Later on, all residents went to Toomarahva bus stop, where the event was taking place and raised village flag in the field. Kuusalu Mayor- Urmas Kirtsi, greeted the celebration and said that the State Government authorized him to hand over the program plate “EV 100 in every village” to Suurpea community. First event of the program took place on 5th of August, in Viljandi district.

The representative of Harju County, Kaisa Kaizel, performed folklore chants. As a part of the program for 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic, villages are going to receive gifts with a plate sign attached to it. Suurpea was first to get the gift plate from Kuusalu Parish, in Harju Country it will be second plate, and the first was transferred to Jõelähtme Parish.

Information board was installed next to the renewed “Toomarahva” bus stop.

“We would like to express our gratitude to municipal authorities for reconstruction of the waiting pavilion, the “People’s Era” community and its representative Linda Metsaorg for the information board,”- said Tiina Perminova.

Plate received from the parish patriarch was attached to the information board with the screws. Raivo Nurmsalu from the «Lahemaa Rahvamuusik» ensemble performed several dance tunes on his accordion. Singers of the ensemble performed the song called “Ei ole luba tuulel tulla”, which originally comes from Kuusalu parish.

Linda Metsaorg, director of “Eru Lahe Rannarahva Seltsi”, presented a story of memorial board: “This is part of a project supported by Environment Investment Centre (Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus), called “Information boards for coastal environmental trails on the Pärispea Peninsula”. The project began in 2009, when we opened coastal tourist route, confined to the 750th anniversary of Parispea village.

As a part of follow-up project, we upgraded the signs and markings of Pärispea alleyways, charted a trail from Suurpea bus stop to Toomarahva stop, and installed four new information boards.

Information board was designed by Anu Käriac, who drew a map of all farms in the area. Suurpea is a village situated on the western coast. This map mentions the oldest 4 farms as generic centuries-old, together with modern farms, military town, swings, piers and boulders. In 1934, Suurpea had an estimated number of 39 farmsteads, now there are 22 houses of all the year round habitation and 20 of so called “summer houses”.

There are joint events photographs on the board, starting from 1960s till present days. There’s a short description as well, about first mentioning of the village as “Suurpea”, in 1637. You can inform yourself better about the activities of rural residents, public life and school education in the past and nowadays.

Celebration of 380th anniversary of the Parispea village continued with the coastal language learning, together with Riina Laanetu from Tsitre and Heli Kendra from Virve. Riit Qiwi and Helje Lillelepool, residents of Suurpea, were sharing stories in the coastal language.

Information boards are also educating about fishing, military town and coastal nature.

Linda Metsaorg said that the educational route on the Pärispea Peninsula stretches along the coast to the former Institute of the Soviet Army building, reaches Suurpea’s pier, and from there goes to the center of the village: “There is a board near the Suurpea’s bus stop informing about the naval range and a military town, and another one prepared by Mait Grigoriev (Harju Inspectorate for Fishes Supervision) located near the pier, introducing fishing and fishes defence in the Khara Bay.

 Final information board, about mountains and coastal nature, is located in Pärispea village, in front of Lami farm pasture, near the sea.”

About the expanded walking trail, Linda Metaorg said that Pip Sarapuu, the owner of Suurpea’s pier, cleaned it up together with his assistants, but in some places tidying is still required.

Educational route is planned to be held during the autumn “International Bird Watching Days” on October 7 and 8, everyone who’s interested are invited to participate together with the local residents and residents of Kuusalu.


KIK supported the peninsula educational trail projects for 11,500 euros!

All funds, raised from the sale of souvenirs in our shop are directly going to the development and support of our Suurpea! Thank you for your contribution! Dismiss