“The Sniffer ” is a Ukrainian detective television series produced and shot by “Kirochka and Vanechka” production.

For both of them, Kirill Käro and for his character in the series, Tallinn is their hometown.

“Truly said that at home even the walls help. It’s a difficult job, the project itself is not simple, although is very good that we challenge ourselves with large and complicated tasks. But it really helps to be on home ground”- emphasises Käro.


Kirill Käro : I would like to play the Joker, but Phoenix has already taken over the role.

Colonel Lebedev, the brave partner of the Sniffer, will remain on-stream. Although actor Oganesyan admits that he himself is the exact opposite of a brutal detective, and his name on the film set is kinedly called Vanechka.

“For everything to remain kind and nicely: Kirochka and Vanechka. At 45, I’m Vanechka. Great! ”- notes Oganesyan.

“Well, because it’s Vanechka. He’s the most charming person in our team. I’m an “olfactory,” and he’s a charming person ” says Käro with a smile on his face.

Absolutely everything we ask about the fourth season of “Sniffer” from the actors, they prefer to speak in riddles, using encoded words. And yet they promise a spectrum full of surprises.

“Well, you saw yourself now how everybody was running around, meaning something interesting is going to happen. The whole town is in trouble. Have you seen the running? And huge amount of people who ran? That’s a real Intrigue. But I promise it will be very dynamic ”- Oganesyan escalates.

“The Sniffer” is produced and shot in Ukraine by FILM.UA Television, created, co-written, and directed by Artyom Litvinenko. It became the first Ukrainian series in the catalog of the world’s largest streaming service called Netflix.

The shooting of the 3rd season took place in Tallinn and Suurpea. It was very interesting for us to watch how the film was shot. All residents of the city were waiting for the film’s release. Everyone watch it when it finally came out.

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