Meet Suurpea

Marina Tabri and Miroslav Safin

Once a woman came into our Tanuki Studio, and asked us to help her write a song about Suurpea. We found this offer very interesting to work on. All the more, we fell in love with the words of the song that were written by a resident of this wonderful place-Anastasia Tegin. These words are sincere and pure, written by heart and soul.

A charming woman with a stunning smile that radiated an ocean of positive energy came to meet us! It was Anneli Lamonova, Suurpea’s native resident. We were very impressed how much Anneli loves her village! Believe me, not everyone’s going to create a song dedicated to their homeland.

After a short while, songwriter Miroslav Safin created music based on the words of Anastasia Tegina. On a wonderful and long-awaited holiday – the opening of the Suurpea scene, singer Marina Tabri performed this song for the first time.

“So that’s a story of how we met Suurpea”- says Marina Tabri.

“Wonderful place, clean air, beautiful nature and all that surrounded by kindhearted people. For us, coming back to Suurpea is always a holiday! And we are looking forward to that moment again.”

Marina Tabri and Miroslav Safin.
Tanuki events.

Lyudmila Hestur

Together with my friends and family we used to do camping trips very often. Eventually, one of my friends invited us to show a beautiful, special place…and that was it! Love at first sight. That was about 30 years ago.

My first visit here was with my best friend, we came to do aerobics, run along the forest paths, and swim inside the sea. What we liked the most, was the wild beach with the flooded ships (back then all 3 of them were visible) behind Loksa and the northern cape, by the way, that is the northernmost place on mainland of Estonia. It was possible to live in a tent literally everywhere. In the north, that time it was still deserted – an ideal place for practicing qi-gong, yoga, meditation and reading. Such beauty around you takes your breath away!

After that I began to take my son and other guys with us, and with them we climbed around the entire peninsula. Boys love to discover abandoned places and debris, and so do I. Together we examined everything around Suurpea: climbed onto the roof of the university, the water tower and the northern part of the peninsula as well. Unforgettable times indeed…

My love for Suurpea grew and got stronger as years go by, this village generously showed me all of his beauties and this love seemed mutual to me.

The peninsula gave me wonderful friends, Tiina and Urmas, they invited me to take part in painting the public transport station.

To do something for my favorite place, that’s what I’ve been waiting for a long time. No words can describe how happy I was for finally having this opportunity!

In the end of my interview I also want to add, that every summer here, far away from the roads, on the meadows and glades I’m collecting healing medical herbs, medicinal and tasty teas with restorative effect, assembling brooms, collecting strawberries, blueberries and mushrooms. Such a generous, fabulous land! During recent years I added a new hobby- taking pictures of beautiful places and moments.


“So, she called herself Elena, or how far is to Suurpea?…”

Hello! My name is Elena! I am engaged in the manufacture of decorative embellishments for the interior. A few years ago, through my handicrafts, I met Anneli. Rather, I correct myself, it was not just an average meeting, but fate itself brought us together. Since then, we have build the strongest friendship.

One of the days in June, I received an invitation from Annelka to visit her. I had to go to Suurpea and then, first questions arose in my head: what is “Suurpea” and what is it connected with?. I spend my whole life in Estonia and did not even suspect that there was such a beautiful place, always there by my side.

In summary, if you have to come here even once, to this beautiful pine corner by the sea, you will definitely decide to come back here again and again…And that’s exactly what I have been doing for the past three years…

At each time of my visit, the Lamonov sisters are opening new interesting places in the “country of their childhood.” And for doing that I want to say a special thanks to them.

If you ever want to ask me if I want to live in Suurpea, my answer would be yes! Especially in the summer, definitely yes!!! So who has not been to Suurpea yet, hurry up and visit there!


My name is Olga Kologriv

I am a face-painting master (drawing on the body). I participate in recreational activities quit often and enjoy visiting new places.

For the first time I visited Suurpea at the “Sea festival”, this place left an unforgettable experience in my memory! Wonderful nature: forest, sea, clean air. If you drive from Tallinn to the village, is less than one hour.

When we got there, organizers warmly welcomed me and my family, which gave us the feelings to be part of this event. Children’s entertainment and a cultural program for adults pleased everyone. It was wonderful experience to paint cheerful children’s faces in such a friendly atmosphere.

In conclusion, I can say that definitely I will come back to Suurpea not even once, to work and have fun!


Welcome to Suurpea!

Come to Suurpea and plunge into the purity of nature,
enjoy amazing sea views and
fantastic sunsets!

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