MTÜ Suurpea Parim Paik

The non-profit enterprise Suurpea Parim Paik (MTÜ Suurpea Parim Paik) was founded on 03.0.2019

The organization currently consists of 6 members: Anneli Lamonova, Marina Melnikova, Anzelika Nazarova, Alla Lugantseva, Taimi Veskis, Õnne Arba.

Our partners and assistants are extensively involved as well.

Anneli Lamonova is the biggest activist, based on her radiant enthusiasm it all began. Thanks to her inspiring ideas, in a short time period we’ve managed to achieve significant progress.

MTÜ’s main goal is to promote and develop Suurpea’s village life.

All funds, raised from the sale of souvenirs in our shop are directly going to the development and support of our Suurpea! Thank you for your contribution! Dismiss