Sea day in Suurpea

Residents of the Suurpea town opened new playground with a sea party!

“Within five years, with help of the local self-government of the Kuusalu parish, children sandbox and a climbing frame were built near the residential houses of Suurpea, for older children, now there is a volleyball court and a dance floor.”- YULLE TAMM.

Five years ago, association of active parents began to discuss the need of the repair of former children playground, because the swings and climbing frames were dilapidated, the whole place turned into brushwood.

At the opening of the sea festival of Suurpea, which happened on Saturday, July 28 one of the main inventive people, Angela Koch reminded everybody how they started communication with Kuusalu self-government. First, assistance was provided in putting sandboxes for children in order, then a climbing frame was purchased, and later on the sand was brought to the volleyball court; and nowadays, as a result of cooperation, dance floor has also appeared. Residents of Suurpea made a great job: the playground was spruced up, and the thickets and bush-woods were removed.

Tõnu Ammussaar, the assistant of Kussalu parish patriarch, slashed the symbolic ribbon on the stage. Angela Koch then announced, that the newly created dance floor is open now, reminding Suurpea’s residents, that in her childhood there was a good playground and some of current residents used to play there as a child.

Tõnu Ammussaar, spoke up to people gathered that day, that Kuusalu parish provided the material and hired two workers, and that the coast of the dance floor construction was 2,500 euro. He emphasized, that some of Suurpea residents also voluntarily helped with the construction. Installation of the dance floor ended a week ago.

Angela Koch, Anneli Lamonova and Marina Melnikova, three active women of this town, who are, as well the major organizers of this playground, expressed their thanks to the local residents who helped in the construction: Yanek Markevich, Oleg Brotitsyuk, Ragnar Arba.

Anneli Lamonova noted that Yanek Markevich assisted harder than anyone: he came to build a dance floor in the evenings, as soon as he returned home from work. Asta and Elena Lamonova, Inne Arba and Taimi Veskis also helped a lot to organize the playground. Most activists are residents of the town; some of them live in neighboring farms.

Marina Melnikova, hostess of this event, said that the sea party is held on the last weekend of July, since the last Sunday of July was always the Day of the Navy of the Soviet Army. Now, it has been transformed into a collaborative marine party and going to be celebrated at the same time.

For the past three years, a sea party in Suurpea, takes place in the port area of Pep Sarapuu. This year, the owner of the sea port had to leave, and that’s when the idea was born, to combine a sea party with the opening of a new playground.

On the “Sea Day”, singer Marina Tabri performed hymn of Suurpea town for the very first time. Lyrics to the hymn were composed by Anastasia Tegin, who grew up in Suurpea and now lives in Loksa. And the melody was written by Miroslav Safin, who accompanied the singer on a synthesizer.

Anneli Lamonova came up with the idea of creating a hymn, and then she made a post on Facebook to encourage members of Suurpea group to write words for the hymn. There were many poems, but the best of all them was lyrics written by Anastasia Tegina. The song is called “Suurepka”; the author of the text explained to people that the Russian-speaking community calls Suurpea “Suurepka” among themselves.

There is an asset; and we are working every day to change Suurpea for the better!

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