Suurpea. History

Construction work was carried out mostly by military personnel who subsequently made up the majority of the population that grew up near the settlement of the village. As years go by population of the village only increased, people created families, raised up their children. Residential buildings, a kindergarten and school were built; there was a hospital and a canteen as well.

“Residential wooden houses were the first to appear in Suurpea,”- says Valery Shishkin, a former employee of the research center, who still lives in Suurpea. – Then there was no scientific activity, it started only in 1956. Main task of the scientific center workers was the development and creation of protective anti-mine systems for ships. Then, in the post-war period, there were mines in the seas, like meatballs inside a soup.”

How nice it was here,” recalls Shishkin. – We had our own store, a hospital, a kindergarten, and absolutely amazing school! Unique teachers taught our children those days, some of them were even candidates of science.”

“For sure, it was such a great time!”- confirms former patriarch of Suurpea, Yye Qiwi. – I spend my whole childhood here. Always gives me a warm feeling inside when I think back.”

“I remember how I came here in the 1960s, to Suurpea from Tver,”- said Zoya Vasilyevna Lysenko, a former Suurpea school teacher. – First impression, this village gave me had been very good, it was impossible not to fall in love with it. Here is the place where your soul can rest.”

The military hospital operating in Suurpea worked primarily for the needs of the military, but surgeons performed operations for civilians, including residents of nearby villages, if it was necessary. “Of course, they didn’t hospitalize somebody with an ordinary cold, but if the operation was needed, they always made advances and provided all necessary care and treatment after the operation,”- said the old-timer guard.

Residents of the village celebrated holidays all together, one of the most important was, of course, Navy Day, as well as Children’s Protection Day was loved. “On this day, each parent led his child’s arm to the festival,”- recalls Shishkin. “Kids were taken on excursions, ride on boats.”

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